Your big day becomes a visual story that I'm dedicated to tell

as genuine & authentic as it happens.

With me, there's no overly posed - smile at the camera over here moments. I want you to look back through your wedding album and feel exactly how you felt as it was happening. Shoot - I hope when you look through my work, that you feel as if you were at the wedding too.

My style would often be described as candid documentary with an art twist. I'm constantly drawing inspiration from my surroundings, and every opportunity at a wedding day is a new one to create something unique for my couples.

Your wedding day is supposed to be unique, and not look everyone else's photos.

These moments are authentic to your story - the feelings felt throughout the day are genuine and real, and that's exactly how I work too. I never plan a shot, it's what happens, in the moment, constantly observing and reacting, building frames upon frames until the story unfolds to encompass the ambiance of your wedding day.

From the light, the people, the tearful speeches followed by contagious laughter, every moment is unique to your big day - captured exactly how they were raw in that moment. My job is to see these moments in their elements and document them in a way that's creative, yet not so obscure that you're left with an emotionless photo. Genuine moments that a wedding day provides can't be recreated, they just happen, and that's what I love the most about weddings.

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- Bryan & Olivia, 2022