My approach to weddings -

First things first - I want you to know my commitment to couples, and the drive I have to create images for them that accurately depict exactly how their day played out. Ya girl is a professional people watcher - who turned it into a real life job. I am constantly observing, watching, moving, and documenting your day. Just when you think you've done something silly and missed it being photographed - there I am capturing it and making you giggle even harder because you never expected me to be there. This is because I go with the flow of the day, I have no set photo list that I need to make happen - I just follow my gut and allow the authentic moments of the day play out.

From the light, the people, the tearful speeches followed by contagious laughter, every moment is unique to your big day - captured exactly how they were raw in that moment. My job is to see these moments in their elements and document them in a way that's creative, yet not so obscure that you're left with an emotionless photo. Genuine moments that a wedding day provides can't be recreated, they just happen, and that's what I love the most about weddings.

  1. A journalistic - candid styled approach with a twist of art.

My photography is a candid styled approach with the collaborative efforts between my couples, my artistic style, and the relationship between the two is far more than being just your 'wedding photographer.' Wedding photography should be personal for it to be done right, so that your day is documented exactly how you remember, exactly how you felt that day so that when you're looking back at your photos you feel those same emotions you felt on the day they were captured. The raw emotions will be present in your photos. I firmly believe your wedding shouldn't be the same as the persons prior, and by having this closeness with my couples it allows their individuality to be transposed in my art. I will be the ultimate wedding resource for you, your confidant, shoot even the tiebreaker you never knew you needed. I am committed to you, and I take this very seriously - not just in the work I produce, but the means in which I go about producing it. I will NEVER take for granted the job that I have, the decisions it takes from my couples to decide before booking me, and ultimately, the trust provided to me to capture their images that they'll look back upon for the rest of their lives.


Something I learned early on in life is how much I enjoy people watching, but not in a creepy - Joe way (IYKYK) Simply to just watch human behavior - to catch that quick glance, the subtle smirk, to watch someones mannerisms say everything without speaking a single word. I think in those moments - that's where you'll find the true unfiltered beauty of being a human. Those in-between moments, the little things that are so subtle to the people around you, but everything to the moment. That's what sets my photography apart from others, and what makes me so good at being a candid wedding photographer. Simply because now instead of just watching - I get to watch and capture that moment behind my lens. From the minute I step out of my Subie the morning of your wedding - to the end when I'm packing up - I'm ready with a camera to catch those little moments that mean everything.

2. how I shoot on the dance floor

I use an on camera flash, because for the bulk of my day I'm embracing the natural ambient lighting to create my images. Shooot even during the reception. you can find me embracing the moody lighting of a dimly lit area - I'm all about the feels that ambiance brings.

As for the dance floor, you can find me strapped with my on camera flash. It's subtle enough to be there but without the aggressive in your face - light up the whole room flash. Since it's right on my camera there's no bulky studio - like feels and your guests won't feel like they're center stage. You'll most definitely find me on the dance floor busting a move with you - while still capturing every single moment. Ya girl loves a good dance floor moment.

4. Prompts are my jammmmm

Being in front of the camera comes natural for some more than others, and that's why I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help those who may not be as natural. This is where my prompts come in - think of it as a little nudge to get those true genuine feelings out by having an action todo instead of focusing on being in front of the camera! I also am real good at making people giggle - hence why the business name literally is Lenses and Laughter.

Battaaa bing battaaa boo -

This is my process in a nutshell. I'm there to document your day, to build a set of images that when you sit down in a year, or two, or even 30 - they take you right back to the moment where it was taken. I want my art, to encompass honest and genuine emotion - that is not heavily staged or forced. I do this by having couples who completely trust me and the process.

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I hope this page helped you gain a better understanding of my process, and give you a better insight on what to expect on your wedding day. As always, don't forget to check out the blog and my portfolio page to see more images!

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