Groomsmen photos don't have to be boring.

There - I said it. Sure the standard photos are nice, what everyone looks for, and I will always include them because it's not a wedding without having the groomsmen standing in a 'V' pose. However, I have found that if you have a great group of guys - it's an absolute blast to have them add in an element of fun. (I mean my business name is literally Lenses and Laughter, we gotta have some laughing going on.) Below are a few of my personal favorites and a little backstory to go along with it!

Toss him in the air like you just don't care

I had the grand idea of tossing up the groom and snapping a photo of him mid air. I KNEW Maynard and his boys were the group to ask todo this. They all played basketball together back in the day and they all seemed like a group that would be able to catch him. Mind you - I repeatedly told them 'don't drop Maynard' what do they do? Freaking drop him. *face palm* Thankfully he was okay, and the rest of the photos went on without a hitch, and this one turned out as cool as it did.

Groomsmen toss groom up in the air

Dropping the hottest mixtape

Okay to start off - the venue is dripping in that old school BA vibes. So when these guys came out in the classic suit and with the groom, Luke, in all black. I KNEW we had to play this up - and these guys did not disappoint. Ocean's Eleven - eat your heart out, you have nothing on these men. *Insert flame emoji*

A group of groomsmen strike a pose in front of the Bellhurst Castle.
Groom leads a group of groomsmen across a field with a castle in the background.
A group of groomsmen strike a pose like making a mix tape in front of the bellhurst castle.
Serious groomsmen stand in a line with the groom looking at the camera.

Unprompted ring showing

This animated bunch came up with this one on their own. Jamie had stuck out his hand and they reacted appropriately. It was actually pretty delightful, and I'm thankful I had my camera ready to go.

a group of groomsmen look at grooms ring adoringly.


Darrin and his two groomsmen were waiting their turn while the girls were having their photos done. In one of the photos I had the girls ditch the flowers so they handed them off to the boys. In that moment it just clicked and poses were struck. The execution was absolutely flawless if you ask me, and then they continued to be naturals with the poses as seen below.

Groomsmen strike a pose with bridesmaids flowers
Groomsmen have flowers behind their back looking at camera
Groom pulls suspenders of two groomsmen.

Moral of the story -

Have fun with it, or let your photographer have fun. I promise you the photos will be 100% worth it.