"Will you hold my cigarette beautiful?"

It all started when Bob saw Brittany at a party and said "will you hold my cigarette beautiful", naturally Brittany was swooooning over the fact that a handsome man was calling her beautiful. As the night progressed Bob couldn't keep her off his mind, he finally walked up to her later on in the night and asked who she was. and exchanged numbers. As two people with mutual friends do, they hung out a few times in a group. One night Bob "left" his car in Brittany's driveway and "had" to walk back with her to retrieve it. At his car, they said their goodbyes, only a hug of course, and Brittany went inside. A few moments later she had a knock on her sliding glass door, Bob had jumped over the fence and was asking if he could come in.... to which she replied "I'm not that kind of girl" and shut the door & the rest is history.

Their wedding was held on a beautiful October day, and it was worth every minute they had to wait and reschedule because of the pandemic! Scroll through below and relive their big day through pictures!